Hi there, Mortal.

As you might not know; and all it’s Social Media pages are created and managed by me, Mike Hawke. As an apprentice website builder I love to create new web pages as well as I love to share all kind of awesome videos with the rest of the world. I do all of this in the hours before and after my nine to five, five days a week, office job. For fun. For free. For you. For me. ♥

Some people might think some videos are controversial, violant or biased. Sorry for that, but there is a simple solution for your problem; smash your device into a thousand pieces, burn it or just exit this website. Easy, right? And don’t worry; no hard feelings from my part, we both have the freedom to respectfully ignore one another.

Buy me a Beer! ?

For the people that do love ClusterPunk and Videokings; you can now buy me a beer! And I hear you thinking; ‘Why should I buy this complete stranger a beer ffs?’ The honest answer is that I really love to drink a beer from time to time. But next to that it’s a way for website visitors that really enjoy watching my videos to support me. You buying me a beer is just symbolic. But I think that your support eventually will be invested in some refreshing pints tbh because I’m updating these platforms – most of the time – in the late hours.

Anyhow, it would be really awesome if you’d donate a small amount of money to show your support. If not, no problem as well! I’ll survive. ☻

Much love to all of you.

Thanks & take care.

– Mike Hawke.



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