Biden: Minorities… don’t know how to use, know how to get online”

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  1. Biden telling the world our minorities don't know how to get online or register to get the Covid vaccine shot at Walgreens. This is how he thinks -. Basically all minorities are challenged by technology. INSULTING to say the least. Nice work Prez!

  2. Bull crap. Everyone knows how to get online. They may not have access to a devise or the internet at home (which is highly remote, but still a possibility) but they know how to do it. ?

  3. What funny are minorities that voted for him. They just didn't see who he was over the past 30+ years. Tell me, is it only about what you can get free and don't care what the man says?

  4. Clearly Joe is projecting his own deficiencies with technology, among a host of other things. It is troubling that he seems to be compelled to throw racist statements out whenever he gets the chance.

  5. Reminds me of a video where he said black people dont know how to get a drivers license. So someone walked around their city and just asked black people if they knew where the DMV was. They all said yes and pointed the person in the right direction and he went on his way. Point proven

  6. Now you can see the true racism on display by the democrats. They believe people of color are inferior and are in need of their superior intellect in order to survive. In truth, our skin color has nothing to do with our abilities. It’s actually this kind of thinking that creates disadvantages for people by becoming dependent on others and not themselves.

  7. Can you imagine if Trump had said this? It would be headline news for the next two years if not forever. Why do you constantly forgive this potato for his clearly racist comments?


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