CCTV in Michigan captured an election fraud witness being ambushed and shot.

Sterling Heights. Michigan – On November 28 last year a woman in Sterling Heights, Michigan, was ambushed in her car by a gunman who targeted her as she departed her residence. Video footage from the home’s surveillance camera captured the encounter.

As seen in the video, the woman, who’s cooperating in a election fraud case according to Sterling Heights Police Lt. Mario Bastianelli, was seen exiting a condo, walked out by another woman, and entering her SUV.

As she backed out of the parking space, a pickup truck pulled out of a parking slot on the other side of the parking, intentionally blocking her path. A man then exited the driver’s seat, shooting at the woman as she pulled away. After shooting at the SUV a total of eight times, he got back into his pickup truck and pursued her.

The woman then returned to the condo in her car, parking it on the grass in front of the front door and ran back into the home with the other woman, crying out that she had been shot.

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