Huge fight between Miami cops and Antifa hooligans when a police car gets demolished. ?⚠

MIAMI, FL – All hell breaks lose when a group of Antifa protesters start demolishing a police car. Several Antifa-members were arrested.

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Comment (321)

  1. The police in this video acted and reacted entirely appropriately and one could very easily argue to any reasonable person, they they were actually very reserved, given the situation. My regards to these officers. A perfect example that all cops are not bad apples.

  2. Question…where are all the Alpha 66 type anti communist cuban militias??? Why fight for Cuba when you aint even fighting for Miami? Where are you guys going to move to now? Theres not one Marielito Tony Montana among you?
    I recomend a scenic tour of all the murals and statues of black heros. Chrstopher Columbus, the virgin Mary, Jesus… Hey gloves are off.

  3. the fact those people just did that the the cop car was dum and the cops should have reacted fast the laddy hold the cam was acting so dum get of him when the demolish a police car with out permission

  4. I have respect for these officers. I wouldn't be able to hold myself with these ignorant animals. A military force is what is needed to control these situations. They are anything but cowards.

  5. People that hate cop is just cuz they want to brake the law. But this foo i bet if he had a gun to his face he’ll be crying for cops. So i say to this dude his the cower

  6. This how Maimi cops play… If you don't play by the rules your going to end on the floor… I love how that guy is yelling all that sht but is doing the less.

  7. Brain dead morons! attack a police vehicle and expect nothing to happen wtf.
    This prick that's filming needs a big dose of karma, he keeps shouting cowards but I bet he's wearing a mask so mummy doesn't recognize him.


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