Money Transport Truck robbery in Berlin caught on camera

Berlin, Germany — Friday at 10 am on Kudamm, what looked like a cheap detective movie was actually a violent armored car robbery.

Thieves disguised in the bright orange work clothes of the city’s sanitation department held up a blue Ziemann cash truck in the middle of the famous shopping street and absconded with several cash boxes. They hastily stuffed money into a massive white sack, dragged it to the street and loaded it into the trunk of a silver getaway car.

The car, an Audi S6, was later found burned out on Bessemerstraße in Schöneberg near a Kaufland supermarket. The robbery was caught on videos that have widely circulated on social media.

Although fewer people were likely on the sidewalk because of corona, a man can be seen on one of the videos sitting nearby with a blanket over his legs– apparently hoping to to collect a few euros in donations. Nearby, much larger sums were being moved.

Watch on YouTube: Money Transport Truck robbery in Berlin caught on camera

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