Put this in a Nike commercial. ??? #GeorgeFloyd

Christiano Ronaldo joined the rebels. ??

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The protests in connection with the murder of a black man George Floyd by policeman in Minnesota spanned about 30 cities In the United States. This is reported by several media.

Protesters in different cities attacked police cars and set them on fire, threw Molotov cocktails and blocked traffic. For example, in Washington, near the White House on Saturday demonstrators destroyed three secret service vehicles and painted their graffiti. In Seattle, protesters set fire to a police car. A similar situation was observed in Philadelphia.

In connection with the riots in Houston, police arrested 137 people, in New York – more than two dozen people, in Chicago – more than 100 people. In some cities, such as Los Angeles, Atlanta and Philadelphia, curfews were imposed; in Washington and Minneapolis, traffic on a number of highways is restricted.

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