Rioting youth shut down traffic and brutally attack vehicles in Manhattan. .mp4

Manhattan, New York – On Tuesday, a large group of rioting youths on bicycles shut down traffic at 5th ave. & 21st st. in Manhattan, NYC. They brutally attacked an occupied vehicle before taking off.

On Twitter, Dr. Daniel J. Winarick (@DrWinarick) wrote:

“East 20s, #Manhattan, New York, earlier today. ~25 – 50 mixed-age teenagers on BMX bicycles descend onto the streets. Two grab onto a car driving by to catch a ride. The driver breaks & 1 of the bikers crashes into something, resulting in a bloody lip. Next is below. #FundPolice”

Another witness, Maria Petrova, wrote on Twitter:

“Witnessed a disturbing incident in broad daylight on 5th ave / 21st St in NYC today. About 50 young boys on bikes blocked 5th ave traffic & trashed an SUV, riders inside, jumping on the windshield. Car had medical license plates & a man & older woman inside.”

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