WATCH: Moment a car hits multiple BLM protesters in Manhattan

NEW YORK – Multiple people were hit by a car in the Murray Hill section of Manhattan on Friday afternoon. It happened at the intersection of 39th and 3rd Avenue just before 4:10 p.m. There was a Black Lives Matters Protest going on and a car apparently went into the crowd. There was a large police presence there after the incident.

The driver reportedly stayed at the scene with victims, police told WINS-FM, though it’s unclear why the driver hit them, how many people were hit, the extent of their injuries or whether the driver will face any charges.

Police have said the people hit are believed to be protesters and officers have now asked drivers to avoid the area.

The protest may have been in response to recent incidents of police shooting of Black men around the nation, including the December 4 shooting of 23-year-old Black manCasey Christian Goodson Jr. who was killed on his doorstep by an Ohio sheriff’s deputy on Friday, according to Goodson’s family.

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  1. I mean…she was driving and then people surrounded her car, stood in front, pounded on hood. And then you're mad she drove off?? What was she supposed to do?! Get out and try to have a rational conversation?


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