Airplane flies one last time at aircraft boneyard

Miami, Florida – An aviation expert in Florida decided to use his excavator to fly this Learjet plane after it was identified for the scrapheap.

@vice.aviator on Instagram wrote: “Thought I’d jump on the bandwagon since everyone is reposting my video.. originally posted on my story and then shared by a great friend on @boneyardsafari. After leaving the airport this morning after my flight training, I decided to go and be an AvGeek and go look for the 707 that was recently scrapped. After no luck, I made a u-turn and saw that a Learjet was about to meet its fate. Little did I know, it was going for one last flight… and not the flight I thought! It’s unreal how quick the video went viral. Talk about right place at the right time… A big thank you to everyone who reposted it! Your support is deeply appreciated.” –

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