COMPILATION: Heavily armed ‘NFAC’ march through Stone Mountain Park, GA.

STONE MOUNTAIN PARK – A group of heavily armed Black protesters marched through Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta on Saturday. The protesters, who are calling themselves “NFAC” – the Not Fuck Around Coalition – are calling for removal of the giant Confederate rock carving at the site that civil rights activists consider a monument to racism.
On Twitter someone stated: “The largest armed Black crowd I’ve ever seen in my life just crossed the front of my house in Stone Mountain. Bigger than any Black Panther engagement I’ve ever encountered #July4th2020” (link: )

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  1. It’s about time black American men protested the right way, the American way. With loaded AR ‘s. I just wished they would have hired some hot ass white dancers to walk with them.

  2. Okay so let me get this straight what they're saying is carve out a piece of land and just give it to us and then they pick Texas which has oil deposits that are worth millions of dollars or they're going to leave this country and go somewhere else are there going to assume that someone just going to hand them land to call their own country is anybody see the flaws in that other than me what group of people have ever a pressed another group of people and then gave reparations for it we barely gave reparations to the Indians and they own this entire country

  3. The bible has already prophesied these times, surely these are the last days. If you dont have a relationship with Jesus today, seek him today. Black, white, yellow, Satan is trying to take as many as he can to hell. This battle cant be won physically, we can't fight the unseen.

    Jesus has already won the victory! Your only hope is to be covered by the blood of Jesus Christ!

  4. I hope these "NFAC" idiots have sense enough not to push the envelope too far, because while they might feel tough and all strutting around with their weapons trying to incite/intimidate/taunt citizens who love their country and are just trying to go about their lives — push too far, and I promise they'll get squashed very easily by an overwhelming force of real patriotic Americans, of all race/color — and it would be no contest. No military needed.

  5. "Wheres our reparations?"

    >what did i do?

    "it's not what you did it's what your ancestors did"

    >i didnt do anything then

    "you raped, murdered and stole our land"

    >i didn't do anything


  6. You don't see the white boys, because they're smart. This is a joke. You make yourself looks like a dumbass. Keep being mad about something that had absolutely nothing to do with you, not you parents, not your grandparents.

  7. "Dressed the part, ‘Panther’ group came straight from central casting"
    June 11, 2020

    It’s hard to stand out when you are in a
    sea of thousands of frustrated, sign-waving protesters. But in marches
    and demonstrations over the past week in Atlanta, Decatur and even
    Cumming, a small knot of charismatic young people kept getting

    They said they were Black Panthers, and they looked the part with
    all-black attire and black berets adorned with a cat-head patch. Their
    leader was a tall, thin black woman armed with an assault rifle and a
    determined look. Photos of the group popped up in local news outlets,
    including The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, but also in the British tabloid press.

    It is easy to see why the group attracted attention. In a moment
    of fury over police shootings of black people, the group was perfectly
    cast. Maybe too perfect.
    Within a few days, an activist on Twitter
    sussed out that the group was comprised of models and actors from
    Atlanta’s film and entertainment industries. A Twitter user who goes by
    Wolf The Red identified them
    from their Instagram accounts where he found the group modeling haute
    couture or publicizing their film credits, but “zero prior
    demonstrations. No posts with guns. No calls to action.”

    A group of Atlanta-area models and actors dressed as Black
    Panthers pose for a photo on the Decatur Square after a march and rally
    Wednesday afternoon, June 3, 2020. Members of the group say their intent
    was genuine, even if the outfits weren’t. BEN GRAY FOR THE AJC

    The AJC reached out to members of the group, including Whitney
    Oni, the striking woman who drew so much attention. Oni, an
    Atlanta-based graphic designer and model, said the recent protests were
    not her first time taking to the streets.
    “I started back with the
    Trayvon Martin case,” she said, referring to the 2012 shooting death of
    the Florida teenager by a neighborhood watch coordinator in a gated

    After the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis
    police officers last month, Oni said she believed it was “important to
    use my voice.”
    And to dress the part.
    “The outfits? We just pulled inspiration from (the Black Panthers),” she said. “It was mostly
    black and leather — pleather. Some of us are vegans, vegetarians.”

    A group of Atlanta-area models and actors dressed as Black
    Panthers took an active role in the protest on the Decatur Square
    Wednesday afternoon, June 3, 2020. Members of the group say their intent
    was genuine, even if the outfits weren’t. JENNI GIRTMAN FOR THE AJC

    And they were close. The patch, for instance, was a Black Panther patch — just not those Black Panthers. It was the service patch for the 66th Infantry, a U.S. Army Division during World War II.
    Spiike G., who works in the Atlanta movie industry but who declined to give
    his real name, said he picked the patches up in an army surplus store.
    “I didn’t want to buy the original Black Panther Party logo,” he said. “I
    love what they stood for, but I didn’t want to offend them until we got
    the blessing from them.”
    Spiike said he got the idea to dress as Black Panthers because he wanted to be a “symbol of hope” in the sea of protesters.
    “It wasn’t doing it for fun or anything like that,” he said. “What we
    wanted was the actual blessing from the original Black Panther Party to
    use their name.”
    Spiike said his late father, whose name he declined to give, was a Black Panther, but he only found out after he died.
    Both Spiike and Oni claim the guns were real. Spiike said his was a
    Springfield Saint AR15; Oni carried a Smith & Wesson 22LR assault
    “I’m trying to show a certain amount of force, but something that was appropriate for a protest,” she said.
    Spiike is the creator of an online independent television series called
    “Justice,” where a black vigilante hero tracks down bad cops and gets
    retribution for their racist violence. A lot of the gear worn by the
    helmeted hero looks very much like that worn by his group in protests.
    Regardless of its origins, Oni claimed the group — which she called “the Black Revolutionaries” — is real. reported on
    the group’s appearance at a June 3 demonstration on the Decatur square
    where they were initially identified as the “New Black Panther Party.
    That was later corrected to “Black Panthers Revolutionaries Atlanta
    “We did introduce ourselves as the newest Black Panther party,” Oni explained.
    Whatever their name, the description didn’t sit well with Hashim Nzinga, the
    leader of the New Black Panther Party, who suggested on his Facebook
    page that the group could be an FBI front organization.

    An unidentified member of a group of young creatives posing
    as Black Panthers takes a knee in silence for eight minutes and 46
    seconds in Decatur Square on Wednesday, June 3, 2020, in Decatur,
    Georgia. One of the group’s leaders said he chose the outfit to inspire

    The Atlanta-based New Black Panthers is a militant organization identified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a hate group for its violent and antisemitic rhetoric.
    Mendelson, associate director for the Anti-Defamation League’s Center
    on Extremism, said the fact that a group of models and actors chose to
    dress as Black Panthers for a protest already is feeding conspiracy
    theories popular on the extreme right. White supremacists online trade
    such stories as “proof” that the protests around the nation are seeded
    with “crisis actors” paid to foment unrest, she said.
    “Extremists will glom onto such events and use it to feed that narrative,” she said. “It’s adding to the chaos of the moment.”
    Already, photos of the group have shown up on the messaging platform Telegram on
    a white supremacist channel with more than 12,000 subscribers.
    “The BLM (more likely some white leftist handlers) are using actors to pose
    as Black Panthers to help market the trend of arming one ethnogroup in a
    polarized multiracial society,” the user wrote.
    Spiike said his group’s only goal was to inspire.
    “I’m out here just protecting my people and walking the street with my firearms,” he said.

  8. Be prepared to watch the bloodshed on a theater near you! Perfect time to drop a Mark-77 bomb on these terrorist! Pop the popcorn, this will be incredible!

  9. These fools, there's only one race. Anyone heard of the human genome project? So all there needs to be now is a militia from each culture claiming they have been mistreated and go out marching with hatred. There's no such thing as a racist unless you hate being human and other humans. Get real. These are ISIS fighters on American soil using fear and intimidation to infiltrate our nation through a facade so many are falling for. Who has treated them unfairly and taken there ability to be whoever they choose to be? Who's taken their rights? Supposedly they are using the rights that there ancestors didn't have. So there's been a lot of positive change. Stop killing people within your culture because obviously violence is in your culture in our faces. This isn't about race are they so foolish to do this over the amount of melanin that makes up pigmentation? Americans didn't snatch them while they slept in Africa their own villages sold them. They had it better here where they couldn't kill each other like they did over there and are still doing here. Get real. Stop using the race card and there will be no more racism don't talk about it. Everyone gets involved and realizes God made us all in his image we can move forward.

  10. They're doing it all WRONG. Instead of asking for another Handout why not go and Earn Texas. Yep, just go over and take it by force since y'all are so tough. You'll appreciate it more if you have to work for it. Quit being so lazy and just go get it! I learned that lesson from my Dad, why didn't they?

  11. Looks like a bunch of pussies who are out of shape carrying fake weapons. .22’s with ar stocks. Jammed weapons. Scopes mounted on backwards. No discipline while marching. No muzzle safety awareness. Looks like just a bunch of easily overrun wannabes setting themselves up for one hell of an armed confrontation they will certainly lose in devastating fashion. This guys gonna get all these guys seriously wounded or killed threatening the wrong folks! Not smart!


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