Hoverbike crash in Dubai during test flight.

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Comment (508)

  1. As per Dubai rules, they just want bragging rights "Biggest tower! first building on water! Hover motorcycle! treat east asians like slaves!" oh scratch the last one.

  2. Tal vez funcionaría mejor con un piloto más experimentado… Uno que aguante mejor la presión al elevarse brutalmente, pero sobretodo que no corte el acelerador y saque una mano de los mandos para hacer un puño en alto victorioso…

  3. It looks like it’s being controlled by someone else. He clearly taps his helmet as he begins to descend as if to signal the grounded pilot. Such a dumb concept. No one would be safe with these things flying over head. We’d have these bikes falling through the roof of your house killing the family dog.

  4. Who the hell is this pilot? He looks like he either has very little to no control of what he's doing or he has no clue what he's doing. No wonder he crashed it.

  5. Hmmm. I'm not a huge fan of unguarded rotors. They're not called 'blades' for fun. I'm wondering if the test pilot got sliced by the front pair as it flipped over…?
    And why on earth did he take it so high when it clearly had stability issues!?
    I'll not be buying anything from this safety-blind cowboy outfit.

  6. So what you're telling me is that even if I happen to survive the crash it'll then flip over, slicing my body apart with rotors that are neither covered with guards, nor designed to shut down if it crashes/breaks apart?!?

    Thats two solutions to a problem I only have one of! ??


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