Incredible footage shows giant bird of prey carrying a shark.

On social media this incredible video appeared showing a giant bird of prey flying above a beach carrying around a shark.

Date: June 31, 2020. (unconfirmed)
Location: ??, Florida.

Video duration: 00:00:26

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Comment (33)

  1. I don’t know, it didn’t even flap it’s wings and I doubt that it could get that high carrying a shark by just gliding but I honestly don’t know it’s a trip for sure

  2. First of all its a small fish, second its an illusion, they are filming close on top of a hill and the people down make the bird look ginormous. Its not even a shark.

  3. Imagine that bird losing it's hold and dropping this big fish. Some poor sun bathing sap would die from the impact of a fish falling from the sky.

  4. Settle down people!! It's just a large bird of prey!! Most likely an
    Osprey. Known to grab sizeable fish from the water……..And no, it's not some type of unknown Thunder bird or sumthin from another dimension. You people need to quit believing every wacky thing you're see and hear on YouTube and visit your local library. They have these things called books that are filled with actual facts and information!


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