Insurrection Act: Did Trump activate it? Again more troops moving into Washington D.C.

Washington, D.C. – Nearly 10,000 troops descending on downtown Washington DC this weekend had many on Twitter and Facebook wonder: Did President Trump trigger the Insurrection Act?

There had been several reports by locals and reporters that Trump has indeed activated the Insurrection act. The 214-year-old law authorizes the president to deploy any of the country’s state or federal armed forces to act against foreign and domestic threats against the United States of America.

The legal memo, “Potential Paths of Federal Incursion Into District Law Enforcement,” focused on whether the Insurrection Act would allow a president to take control of the MPD. The document, the existence of which has not previously been reported, also contemplated the possibility of the White House using the National Guard and federal law enforcement agencies such as the US Marshals Service and the Bureau of Prisons to effectively secure the safety of all Americans.

It is an interesting coincidence if you believe in coincidences, that Trump is down at the Alamo as thousands of troops take over the swamp.

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  1. .
    None of this callup came from Trump.
    All of this callup is because of Trump.
    Every GOVT entity under the sun has
    called the National Guard into DC
    -this is known as a 'LIVE AMMO' event.


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