ANTIFA militants chase out police from newly formed autonomous zone in Portland.

N. Mississippi av, PORTLAND – Protesters who have camped for months to prevent a Black and Indigenous family from being forced to leave their longtime North Mississippi Avenue home, took the property back on Tuesday. During the event the police, who attempted to “re-secure” the foreclosed home for the developer that purchased it in a 2018 foreclosure auction, clashed with Antifa Militants.

By the end of the day, Mayor Ted Wheeler said he wanted police to stop what was turning into a large occupation around the property and arrest protesters who break laws.

“I am authorizing the Portland Police to use all lawful means to end the illegal occupation on North Mississippi Street and to hold those violating our community’s laws accountable,” he said.

The confrontation had begun hours earlier when law enforcement officers arrived about 5 a.m. at the home to allow the new owners to erect fencing and board up the house. Police said while officers were standing on the property’s perimeter, a crowd began to gather and officers were struck by projectiles such as rocks and paint-filled balloons.

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