BLM riots and looting reach Stuttgart, Germany.

STUTTGART, GERMANY – The southwestern German city has seen a night of rioting and looting, with several police officers injured as hundreds of people took to the city center. The situation was “completely out of control,” police said.

Several police officers were injured as riots and looting were carried out in the German city of Stuttgart early on Sunday morning. Dozens of small groups of people in the city center threw stones at authorities, smashed cars and broke shop windows.

“The situation is completely out of control,” a police spokesperson said. “It is developing into real riots,” they added. Twenty people were arrested.

Police said the riots happened after police conducted checks in the city center related to suspected drug dealing. Several groups then ganged up on police and started to threaten them. Police were “confronted in an extremely aggressive manner, attacked and injured,” the police report said.


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  1. no, it is not BLM-riots. Officials haven´t said so yet, but the way they are beating around the bush (just like in Köln around new year 2015/16) it is refugees who feel that the Germans aren´t subservient enough to their wishes and "needs".

  2. Just like in the USA. I notice that the voices of the rioters sound quite a bit like those of Turks or other Muslim immigrants. Are they unemployed? Or protesting the conditions in asylum housing? It does not make one want to visit Germany anymore. But the German police are going to make sure it does not happen again. The Germans do not just stand by and watch the way the police and politicians sometimes do in America.

  3. You let em all in. Should’ve looked at UK and thought what a shithole let’s not make the same mistakes they made. This is your future now. Stuttgart even got a Green Party Mayor I believe which means you are fucked.

  4. die einsatzkräfte kommen mir aber schon ziemlich planlos, wenn nicht zu sagen HILFLOS vor. das waren halt noch zeiten als man mit dem wasserwerfer rentner umgeblasen hat.

  5. Remove the garbage from Germany even if they have Nationality. Scheise leute muss raus machen von deutschland wann haben deutsch ausweis auch. Poliezei muss stark stark zain……

  6. THIS IS NOT BLM: you don't know anything and publish FAKE NEWS. This was a drug control gone wrong, turned to riots, Germans and others. Next time investigate better before publishing and change this title.
    Greetings from Germany.

  7. This is nothing to do with BLM. This is just your standard European summertime civil disorder except there's no football tournament to attach itself to.

  8. There were a few German words at the begin of the video when people wondered what was going on with the arrest. The perpetrators were not talking in German. Stuttgart has a large percentage of people of Tuerkish and Arab background. People filmed in this clip wearing haircuts and dress style very common for middle-east youngsters. German press likes to emphasize that the twenty or so arrested people were Germans. They do not like to mention if they have migration background. This rampage has nothing to do with the BLM movement, they just learned that there are more people willing to destroy than the police can handle. This might well spread out like a wildfire now. Germany's police has not the necessary strength to protect more than a few cities at a time.


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