Knife wielding guy shot dead after attacking the police in Bremen.

BREMEN, GERMANY – In Bremen a guy tried to attack civilians and the police with a knife and got shot. He died later in the hospital.

The event happened on June 18, 2020.

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Comment (189)

  1. Wie nett die polizisten es noch versuchen, haben sogar noch pfefferspray angefordert .. aber er wollte nicht hören. Alles richtig gemacht, gute arbeit! Möge gott seiner verlorenen seele gnädig sein.

  2. whats wrong with them shoot in the leg . these police officiers are soo bad i thought they where better in Europe and specially Germany but i was mistaken

  3. This looked like right out of a training video. Nerven behalten, damit er das eigene Leben und das seiner Mitmenschen verteidigen konnte. Gut gemacht!

  4. Warum in dreiteufelsnamen schiesst man wenn man schon schiessen muss NICHT AUF DIE BEINE?!?!? Wie selten dämlich kann man sein?? Unsere Polizei braucht neue Ausbilder!!! Der arme Kerl!

  5. Normalerweise sollte man auch bei solch einem Fall unter die Gürtellinie schiesen und nicht im Bereich des Oberkörpers..
    Unfähig machen und nicht zum sterben bringen..

  6. Female cops just dont bring any thunder. Listen to their squeaky voices. I just dont think it helps, and its better to have another man to back you up.

  7. Really bad Police and not profesional at all, shame on Germany that they have this kind of unprofessional Police, it's an old man and was easy to handle him even if he tries to attack them,3-4 police against 1 old man.
    If you shoot someone has to be on his legs, the Police woman is the worst, not even helping and creating a bad atmosphere without professionalism. Germany keep improving, killing an innocent like that, shame on you !


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