Dutch police use water cannons and excessive force to end small crowded Corona-protest in The Hague.

COMPILATION – This video is a compilation of several incidents involving the Dutch police and anti-lockdown protesters on June 21 in The Hague (Den Haag), the Netherlands.
DEN HAAG, the Netherlands – During a protest against the 1,5m distancing measure because of Corona, Dutch police force clashed with several protesters. After some protesters ignored to leave the area, the police decided to end the protest with brute force.

The protest was forbidden by a judge because the judge expected too many people to come to the protest. A few hundred people came anyway. The mayor gave permission for them to protest, but more and more people were coming. Most of them were aged between 50 and 80 years old.

The event happened on June 21, 2020.

Video duration: 00:02:20

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Comment (14)

  1. Te schandalig voor woorden, had de Dam leeg gespoten. Grotendeels zijn dit mensen op leeftijd. Er wordt gemeten met twee maten. De stok gebruiken waterkanon, wat een helden.

  2. en altijd roept de politie emotioneel op tv wij zijn er voor de burgers en willen ze beschermen en helpen zo veel we kunnen en met de burgers zijn tja nou als je dat nog steeds gelooft ga dan even langs de psychiater, beelden liegen niet ze hebben totaal geen respect voor ons en zeker niet voor ouderen dat wijzen beelden telkens weer uit op foto's of video's en maar zielig doen dat de politie zo graag de burger wil helpen? waar zou toch de haat vandaan komen tegen de politie?

  3. I was there as well. This is so sad and I get really angry because of this bullshit. Group hug is said to be a provocation against the constitutional state. We don't have a constitutional state anymore in the Netherlands. As if a hug is a crime against humanity. What the police and ME were doing is a crime. The 'hooligans' that were present were not violent at all but also there to support our fight for freedom.

  4. I was here, democracy is dead. Old people and children get watercannon blasts and hit with sticks. 200 peaceful protesters surrounded and arrested.

    Welcome to the Nether-China-lands.

  5. This is not excesive force if you don’t play dumb if they tell you to leave FUCKING GO and what do you expect if you don’t ofcourse they will use water cannons to make you leave have respect you could’ve been shot dead in america not excessive its professional get a life if you are gonna hate these cops are doing a great job.


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