SWAT-team ends an armed siege by Antifa activists of the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia, Washington.

Olympia, Washington — A dozen of armed Antifa criminals were arrested on Sunday after they attempted to forcibly take over the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia, Washington. After a 911 emergency call from employees inside the hotel a SWAT-team came to the location, cleared out the hotel and escorted guests and employees out of the building.

Terrified staff said a group dressed in black and carrying knives broke in while a woman was heard screamed ‘f*** your sister, f*** your wife’ at cops guarding the building.

Police said they started receiving calls from hotel employees at around 11am.

They were told an Antifa mob with batons and knives had entered the lobby and demanded them to open rooms.

One employee was assaulted trying to stop part of the activists from entering the lobby while about seven to eight other employees hid in a basement room, police said.

Twelve people have been arrested after officers cleared hotel, said Olympia Police Department.

Video shows a line of cops outside the hotel trying to keep other Antifa members at bay.

One raging member can be heard ranting: “F*** your sister, f**your wife. I hope you all f******k die. Rest in piss!”

Read more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRMDaPEEe7w

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