Fox’s Charles Payne condemns hypocrite Democrats for threatening people who boost GameStop stock

FOX Business host Charles Payne on Wednesday condemned Wall Street’s “whining” about a market frenzy tied to heavy trading and short-selling in shares of AMC Entertainment, GameStop and BlackBerry.

The “Making Money” host was discussing the dramatic surge in GameStop’s stock price after a group of Reddit users and other retail investors teamed up to buy up the struggling retailer’s call options – boosting GameStop Corp. shares by 642% since Jan. 12. and hurting market short-sellers.

“First of all, all of the nonsense, all of this noise, all of this whining by Wall Street – it’s making me sick,” Payne said during an appearance on FOX Business’ “Cavuto Coast to Coast” Wednesday, adding that hedge funds were able to short 140% of Gamestop’s stock Wednesday.

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