Explosion of violence erupts in the Netherlands after night-curfew order put into effect.

The Netherlands – In several cities across the country an explosion of violence erupted after a recent night-curfew order went into effect (Saturday). Hundreds of (mainly) 3rd generation North-African/Dutch youngsters went to the streets on Sunday and Monday night to riot and terrorise city neighborhoods all over the country.

The night-curfew, which was ordered by the outgoing Dutch government to stop the spread of the corona-virus, forbids Dutch residents to go outside between 21:00h until 04.30h.

The youngsters however were not the first ones that decided to go to the streets to project their displeasure to the authorities responsible for the night-curfew order. On Sunday large crowds of Dutch residents, who at first were protesting peacefully, clashed with police forces in Amsterdam and Eindhoven, initiating both sides to use excessive violence.

Read more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZFvKBALXPBc

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