WATCH: Driver stops an armed man with a HUG in Georgia!

Ponce De Leon, Atlanta – On Sunday a driver who goes by the name Shaheed Dent saw an armed man pointing a gun towards a person during an argument and decided to save the day by stepping out of his car to give the gunman a hug! The nerve-racking event in Ponce De Leon in Atlanta was being recorded by the hero himself.

Shaheed wrote on Facebook: “I shoulda went live, but this the full clip. I legit had to hop out da Chevy cause God was in my heart heavy. Full scoop on what happened: They got into a vocal argument that soon after turned physical. Black dude put some hands on white dude and damn near snatched him out of his car. When white boy drew down on em (He technically was in the right) black dude backed all the way back. Now, when black dude went to hide behind Dee car, he was squatted down with his life flashing before his eyes. That’s when I intervened.. and the clips shown in this post is what happened shortly after. I legit gave both them a hug because even though there were mistakes made it wasn’t worth anybody life. ?GO HOME TO YO FAMILY‼️ 2021 we flippin the script, we not lettin da devil win. We risin up above all the negativity?? my IG is @Heed_This.” — Link:

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