Leaked footage shows ‘hooligans’ leaving a police van to join Corona-riots in The Hague (Den Haag).

DEN HAAG – One day after the riots during the Corona-protests in The Hague (the Netherlands) this video appeared on social media. The video shows a group of ‘hooligans’ entering and leaving a Police van just seconds after another group of ‘hooligans’ started fighting the police.

Authorities stated yesterday that the peaceful protest was disturbed when a group of football hooligans unexpectedly appeared and started fighting the police. The Dutch police answered with brute force against the hooligans, when moments later they started to use excessive violence against the ‘peaceful’ protesters as well.
(21-06) Dutch police use water cannons and excessive force to end small crowded Corona-protest in The Hague. – ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_UUbdUuf1A )

DEN HAAG – During a protest against the 1,5m distancing measure because of Corona, Dutch police units clashed with several protesters. After some protesters ignored to leave the area, the police decided to end the protest with brute force.

The protest was forbidden by a judge because the judge expected too many people to come to the protest. A few hundred people came anyway. The mayor gave permission for them to protest, but more and more people were coming. Most of them were aged between 50 and 80 years old. When unexpectedly a group of football hooligans appeared and started fighting the police, several anti-riot units showed up to end the protest. Many elderly people were smashed or hit by water cannons, injuring several.

The event happened on June 21, 2020.

Video duration: 00:01:18

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  1. I was there on my way home round 16,00 i arrived at the malieveld the riots where gone and the mood was really peaceful so i decided to have a smoke about 100 meters from the demonstration i sat there for like half an hour and NEVER was there any police telling us to leave sudden i saw in they distance about 50 meters away a line of riot police coming my way and i thought i have to get away i looked around and we where surrounded by like a thousend of riot police i walked 3 ways and asked if i could pass and they just said you had enough chance to leave so we got chased to the malieveld where de demonstration was and then they just said you are all under arrest so where some kids from 12 years old who where skating there and had nothing to do with the demo and lots of other innocent people so i spent like 6 hours and 3 of them in a cell with someone else 100x90CM WTF next demo i will be there and not to have a smoke asholes

  2. En zo worden we door de overheid genaaid. Hou alle politie- en MEwagen scherp in de gaten. Zelf een rel veroorzaken, stop dit nu meteen. De beste journalisten zijn deze helden die dit op YouTube en Facebook plaatsen. Wie filmt en schrijft, die strijdt en blijft! Genoeg is genoeg. Wake up Nederland denk nu aub all lives matters en we moeten nu als nooit eerder de handen in 1 slaan tegen een verschrikkelijke coronawet waar niemand op staat te wachten. Laat ze niet verdelen en daarna heersen. Kom samen aub op tegen coronawet????????

  3. You hear firework at the beginning of the video, after a few seconds you see a few men (undercover police) carrying a man towards the police vans. It is really not that hard to figure out that they are arresting the guy who threw the firework a few seconds earlier. This is just normal undercover police doing its job to keep EVERYBODY safe. Misleading title #fakenews

  4. thats undercover police not hooligans 😀 on your own video you see them trying to arrest someone and having to run away and run to the van. then the police chase them off then they leave the van.

    DUDE! this is YOUR video 😀 😀 😀 😀


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